111th Camelford Show 2017 

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List of Officers and Committee Members

 Chairman: Mr D. Routly, Vice Chairman: Mrs Jackie Burnard, Company Secretary: Mrs. H. Coombes
Show Secretary: Mrs. V Wells, Treasurer: Mrs. E.Broad, Director of Showyard: Mr D. Brookham, Asst. Director of Showyard: T Hawken,Cup Secretary: M.G Mason. Inside Trade: Mrs Ann Hayne. Outside Trade: Mrs Yvonne White. Horticultural and Handicraft: Mrs E.Reynolds.
Members: Messrs: P Roose, J. Hawken , M .Coombes, M. Sanders, P. Hicks, F. Jones, D Burnard,
W.Pethick, D. Broad, P. Broad, J. Ward, A. Brewer, H. Sandercock, A. Madge,
D.Stefanotti, M. Bromell, K. Heard, D. Bosley. C.Roose, T. Hawken, G. White
M Pethick, James Roose, R Pethick, J Bradley
Mesdames: H. Coombes, S. Nute, Y. White, J. Burnard, H. Brookham, J. Findlay,
R Jones, J Cleave, M Schwarz, G Stiles, E. Reynolds, M Bradley
Misses L Pethick and J Summers, Mrs A Hayne.

Hon. Show Veterinary. Penbode Equine and Farm Veterinary Services
01409 253418

Camelford Young Farmers Competitions
Miss Beth Bosley 07875080612/01840 213044
Horticultural and Handicraft Marquee
Mrs Elaine Reynolds, Bruallen Flowers, Delabole 01840 212555/07715333624
Outside Trade Stands
Mrs. Y. White,Higher Tredundle, Egloskerry,Launceston PL15 8SQ Tel 01566 86682/07909 501544
The Winner of best Outside Trade Stand to be awarded the Mr. G.A.Byrne Cup
The Winner of Best Vintage on Trade Stands to be awarded the Mr. G and Mrs. Y White Cup.
The Cornwall Farmers Ltd Alan Turner and David Brown Memorial Cup to be awarded to the best Agricultural Trade Stand.
Inside Trade Stands and Local Food Hall
Mrs Ann Hayne, Rest Holme, Trewassa, Davidstow, Camelford 07786 382560
The Winner of the Best Inside Trade Stand to be awarded the Mr. A. G. Daniel Silver Salver
Mr and Mrs A P Scott Cup for the Best Food Hall stand.
Health and Safety
Mr Richard Lewis 01840 213866/ Mr Fernley Hatch, Delabole
Mr David Burnard, Watergate,Advent 01840 213780 / 07967854647
The Bert Scawn Cup for the Winner of the Judges choice of Vintage Tractor
Poultry-Fur and Feather
Miss J Summers, Iceni, Tregatta, Tintagel PL34 0DY 07789 003161
J Perfili 01840 250606/07790789417
Mr. L. Sanders. Best Bird in Show Cup. KVN Auctioneers, Reserve Bird in Show Cup
Mr. G. Nute BVSc. MRCVS Points Cup for Open or Local Birds.
Cup Secretary
Mrs. M. Mason, Man-Der,Tresparrett, Camelford. Tel 01840 261428
Dog Show
Mr A.Madge, Caudworthy, Maxworthy, Launceston. Tel 01566 781795
Mrs G. Stiles, Carcade, Camelford Tel 01840 212288
Mr Mark Sanders, Hendraburnick, Davidstow. Tel 01840 261002/07919847946
Sheep Shearing Competitions
Mr Martin Pethick, Trevalga Farm Trevalga, Boscastle 01840 250300
Bio Security Officer
Mr. W. Pethick, Hunters Moon, Boscastle. Tel 01840 250332
Sponsorship and Advertising.
Mr and Mrs M Coombes, Higher Trefrew Farm, Camelford 01840 213598/07989869278
Children’s Sports.
Mrs. S. Nute, Clifden Farm, Halgabron, Tintagel. Tel: 01840 770994
Shed Manager
Mr Richard Pethick 01840 230341
R. Alexander and Co




Mr J. J. Holt


Past Presidents

Mr M Bromell (2016)
Mr J Bradley {2015)
Mr A P Scott (2014)
*Mr W.C.F Keat (2012-2013)
*Mr W I T Harris (2011)
Mr J C P Hawken (2010)
Mrs G Stiles (2008-2009)
Mr G.Nute BVSc MRCVS (2007)
Mrs. M.G. Mason(2006)
*Mrs. J. Sleep (2005)
*D. F. R. Flew (2004)
Glenton Brown (2003)
J F Jones (2001/2)
RWJ Dennis (2000)
WF Pethick Esq (1999)
*Mrs JW Hext (1998)
PH Cornelius Esq (1997)
*RJ Lobb Esq (1996)
*Mrs PM Ham (1995)
K Vincent Esq (1994)
R Sleep Esq (1993)
*JR Parkin Esq (1992)
*OG Masters Esq (1991)
VP Darke Esq (1990)
*Mrs D Merrett (1989)
*AG Daniel Esq (1988)
*AW Polden MRCVS (1987)
*RR Crosley Esq DSC (1986)
GA Byrne MRCVS (1985)
*WM Shillaber Esq (1984)
*EJ Jukes Esq (1983)
*AS Mason Esq (1982)
*CS Routly Esq (1981)
AE Flood Esq (1980)
*SAH Button Esq (1979)
FW Jones Esq (1978)
*R Roose Esq (1977)
*J Ward Esq (1945 & 1976)
*JD Hodgson Esq (1974 & 1975)
*LTS Uglow Esq (1973)
*Mrs P Roskruge (1972)
*F Smith Esq (1971)
*G Merrett Esq (1970)
*KA Sprayson Esq OBE BSc (1969)
*Dr GB Miller (1968)
*Major St James Scott Hopkins (1966)
*EC Roose Esq JP (1965)
*MH Hicks Esq JP (1964)
*WJ Harris Esq (1963)
*Major G Mitchell (1962)
*John C Gynn Esq (1961)



Mrs Sally Moore & Mrs Madge Walkey




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