111th Camelford Show 2017

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Showground open to the public from 8am. The official opening by the President is at 10am.


Heavy horse classes 142-143, 144-145 will be judged in the Entertainment Ring at 10am

Cattle & Sheep Parade in Entertainment Ring at 3.pm.
Horse and Pony Parade in Ring 1 at approx 4pm

CATTLE AND SHEEP Rings Classes will commence at 10.00 am



Ring 1 commences at 8.30 am prompt                           Ring 2 commences at 9am prompt
Class 120 Local Horse                                                           Class 132 Novice WHP Not exc. 153cms
Class 121 Novice Horse                                                         Class 133 Open WHP Not exc. 133cms
Class 122 Ridden Cob                                                            Class 134 Open WHP Exc 133cm and n.e. 153cm
Class 122b Maxi Cobs                                                            WHP Championship 132 - 134

                                                                                               Class  135 Mini WHP & championship
Class 123 Small Hunter                                                          Class 136 Open Working Cob
Class 124 Open Hunter                                                          Class 138 Regularly ridden Hunter Horse or Pony
Class 125 Riding Horse                                                          Class 139 Novice WH Sports Horse
Class 126 Ridden Hacks                                                         Class 140 Open WH Sport Horse
Ridden Championship 121 - 126                                             WH Sports Horse & Cob Cham. 136,139,140
Ridden Local Championship 120 - 126                                         Coffee break after class 136 to change course
Class 128-130 Driving

North Cornwall Hunt Parade at approx 2pm

Supreme Horse and Pony Championship Approx 4pm please remain in the ring whilst the local supreme is being judged for the presentation of trophies.
Local Supreme Horse & Pony Championship to be judged after the supreme. Please enter the ring with the supreme horses and ponies.


Ring 3 Commences 8.30 am Prompt                                       RING 4 Commences 9.00 am Prompt

Class 147              BSPS Heritage Open Mixed Ridden             Classes 167-169 Arabs & Championship

Class 148-149     BSPS Heritage LR & FR                              Classes 171-172 Hacks & Championship

Heritage Mini Championship                                                 Classes 174-176 Spotted/Appaloosa & Championship

Class 151              BSPS Open Mixed Height SHP        Classes 178-180 Skewbalds/Piebalds & Championship

Class 152              BSPS Leading Rein SHP                                  

Class 153              BSPS SHP First Ridden                          RING 5 Commences at 9.00am Prompt    

Mini SHP  Championship                                         Classes 182-185 Hunter & Sports Breeding I.H & Championship       

Class 155         BSPS Leading rein SP                        Classes 187-190 Pony Breeding I.H & Championship                 


Class 156         BSPS SP First Ridden                  

Mini SP Championship                                                       

Class 157              BSPS Open Mixed height  SP                          

 Pethick Championship Heard Championship 


Unaffiliated classes Not judged before 12.30 pm         Rings  6a Commences at 9am prompt.

Class 158           Young handler  3-6,7-11 + 12-14 yrs      Classes 196-198 Miniature Shetlands I.H

Class 159            Local Pony   17yrs & under                      Championship 196-198

Class 160            Combination 9yrs                                   Classes 200-202 Standards Shetlands I.H

Class 161            Combination 10-12yrs                              Championship 200-202     

Class 162            Combination 13-16 yrs                             Classes 225-228 Miniature Horses

Class 163            Combination any age                             Championship 225-228          

Combination Championship 160-163                             

Class 164              Best Rider 3-16 years                              RING 6B  Not Before 10.00am

Class 165              Family Pony                                             Classes 204-208 M&M I.H & Championship

Class 166           Best Veteran 15yrs and over                    LUNCH BREAK   2PM START

                                Inhand, Ridden & Oldest                         Classes 212-215  M & M Ridden & Championship



RING 7 Jumping Ring.

Clear Round Jumping at 10.00am - 12.30pm with Jumping classes at approximately 1.00pm


Classes 217-220 Jumping. See Rule 13 in the event of changes to the running order.



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